terça-feira, 5 de janeiro de 2010

Lhasa / Kathmandu - 3rd Day

Baidi (4300m) - Karola Pass (5039m) - Longma (4200m)
Distance - 90 km

I woke up with a mist above my head...the weather wasn't inviting for a ride but the landscape was still wonderful!

This was the day I would defeat my altitude record! I was just a few hours away from the passage that would take me to an altitude of 5039m! I was about to jump to harder level of breathless caused by thin air.

I started to pedal through a curtain of rain but in that moment I couldn't feel in a better mood for what I was about to face.

My tent...

Windows and dry yak shit

In the very moment I was waiting for the shot a bus stopped and nearly 20 chinese jumped out and started to walk towards me. After this picture I was invited to pose with every one of them to take a picture...

Finally...at 5039m!....after a long....long....long and freezing way....

My first view of a mountain with an altitude of 7000m

At our camp

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