sexta-feira, 8 de janeiro de 2010

Lhasa / Kathmandu - 4th day

Longma (4200m) - Gyantse (4020m)

Distance - 60km

I woke up very early in the morning and the first picture I had from the surroundings was some small piles of dry Yak shit that were meticulously stacked by our “one-day-neighbors”…a laugh came out immediately…what a wonderful picture could be better to make me remember that I was in the incredible and wide lands of Tibet.

On the day before, after crossing a heavy and thick curtain of rain and hail, the best site we found to set our tents was beside a small factory where the core business was a big scale manufactured dry Yak shit!...despite the narrowness of the valley there were plenty of flat places where we could set the tent…but, in the end, I didn’t know why, there was something cozy about the place we had chosen.

The day started as usual. Even though the fact that this was a totally different, new and intense reality for me, I was feeling like I was completely adapted. On that moment every single task was natural and straightforward for me and I was spending less time to start riding the bike.

I jumped to the road and I started moving at 8 a.m. without knowing the distance to Gyantse. The feeling of the unknown helped me to be more calm and to enjoy more of the journey. In the end a nice surprise was given to me. I stopped many times to get pleasure from the landscapes and to meet some local people but, even so, I arrived at Gyantse quite before noon and with some new friends. A few km from Gyantse I met a group of foreigners cycling towards Kathmandu. A Spanish, three Italians, one English and one German…empathy between us came out instantly J


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