quarta-feira, 20 de janeiro de 2010

Lhasa / Kathmandu - 7th Day

Lhatse (4030m) - Gyatsola Pass (5248m) - Camping (4390m)
Distance 110km

On my 7th day the sun woke up submerged in a deep blue "ocean" and the first streams were stronger enough to warm up our souls. The wind gusts, that almost made me fall off the bike on the day before, had disappeared before dawn as if by magic. After having another high energy breakfast, I started moving again towards the unknown!

For about 30km I pedalled through a vast and long valley with a strong human presence. The farm fields were the only green colours that my eyes could take from a landscape dominated by warm and arid colours. On the road, while I was riding, I overtaking several farm trucks that were pulling small wagons filled up with people, the human strength that was taken to the farm fields to start another working day.

The road I was riding couldn't be better: always flat, almost straigth and made of a fine paviment. My self-confidence was high enough to make me take off the hands from the steering wheel and to grab the camera. During 5/10km I rode the bike just like that, causing moments of fun every time I was overtaking the truks.

After 1:30 hour I left the flat road to start the way up towards Gyatsola Pass. This section would come quite harder compared to what I had imagined...Near the end I got the feeling that I overcome my own sense of mental and physic limits...first was the monotony that took upon me and then the mental and physic tiredness...at the end, each time I pedaled was like I was pulling a car with my mountain bike.

Again, I had a wonderful time in the place we choosed to set the tents. Children started to appear from everywhere and for one hour I almost forgot my tiredness just to be able to play a football game with them :-)

Workers extracting shale bords

5245m on my wristwatch

The team!

Da Wa :-)

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