quarta-feira, 30 de dezembro de 2009

Lhasa / Kathmandu - 2nd Day

Chushur (3600m) - Kampala Pass (4700m) - Baidi (4450m)

Distance - 70km

In the day before one last and very gentile gift was given to me. We had our dinner surrounded by locals that were driven by the curiosity to know who were the passers-by that had decided to sleep by the river Brahmaputra. This was just the first of some unexpected visits that came to happen in every place that was chosen to set the tents. Despite the language barrier problem, that stopped me to be part of any conversation, I was just amazed with the sounds of words as strange to me as the moon´s surface, and the cheerful and warm features of the Tibetans faces.

My second day of cycling started at 9:30am. The place where we set our tents was at the beginning of the big slope, where the road would lead me to the Kampala Pass, at 4700m high. When I start to pedal I was already in a steeply road having no chance to warm up. So, the first section consisted in conquer that slope, with 1200m high...painful hours were just around the corner, waving and wanting for me...eheheh. But, fortunately, the second section would be something quite more pleasant than the first one: 400m of downhill and tens of kilometers of flat road skirting the edge of one of the biggest lakes in Tibet.

The sunrise by the river

Arriving at Kampala Pass (4700m)

At the top after 2,5 painful hours

The driver, me and Da Wa

A view from the road, starting at the bottom of the slope

The lake Yamdrok Tso

Heading down to Baidi

On arrival

A group of young visitors searching for Baidi on my map

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