quarta-feira, 25 de agosto de 2010

Lhasa / Kathmandu - 14th Day

Zhangmu (2250m) - Dhulikhel (1500m)
Distance - 90km

Farewell Tibet...I wish you all the best for your mountains and your cheerful people!

After crossing the border the ride for my big backpack ended. Fortunately I had managed to solve this problem a few days before. I was supposed to wait one day for the other team near the border. Their journey was arranged by a nepali company and they were driving a big truck that was carrying all the equipment, all the way from Lhasa to Kathmandu. So, the logistic problem was solved!

Zhangmu is a village located at the border in the Tibet side. A trading post and a port of entry located in Nyalam County. When I got there I was astonished by the hundreds of nepalie truks parked in a long queue offloading goods and transfering them to trucks from the opposite country. The single narrow zigzag street of Zhangmu makes this an especially difficult operation.

Every truk is a single piece of art. The decoration and the painting area taken very seriously by the drivers. But, more important than the decoration are the horns...this and the pollution would became a nigthmare on the way to Dhulikhel...

I was again experiencing the same feeling that I had felt everytime I moved to different places and cultures. A mix of motivation, enthusiasm and a sense of discovery a different "world" that I was about to see with my own eyes :-) My eyes were again the eyes of a child looking at world wonders!

The challenge of the high altitudes were now far away, however my first day in Nepal was about to become the hardest of the journey. My body and mind were again put into proof...the challange now was called heat, tropical humidity and heavy panniers :)

At the border and about to cross the Friendship Bridge.

Nepal side. Zhangmu at the top.

Children on their way to school.

Old ladies carrying loads

Rice fields

This was the last picture I took. I was only halfway to my destination...from this point I struggled a lot to transfer all my energies to the wheels...

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