quinta-feira, 19 de agosto de 2010

Lhasa / Kathmandu - 13th Day

Camping (4000 m) - Zhangmu (2250 m)
Distance - 70km

What was brown and yellow yestarday became white during the dawn of my 13th day. And, beleave me, I was completely anaware and got really surprised when I awaked and saw that everything got white...I was getting more used to the day by day efford but in the other hand my tierdness was growing really fast and that became the solution and terapy for my wakeful problem. Now I was sleeping like a rock :-)

Despite the unusual and very interesting colour of the mountains surrouding us (dark brown and grey), the village was surrounded by small factories, most of them brick factories. And probably most of the villagers were workers. However there was a primary school nearby and our presence made a very special evening for tens of children. In the end of the day I realised that most of them slept inside the school. In fact that happens in most of the shools in Tibet because of the distances and the severety of the weather.

After a long breakfast, essential to warm up my soul, I was back on the road that was still heading down. My last day in Tibet was finally rolling at the same speed of the wheels of my bike...I was about to get into a completely different scenario :) Greener, warmer, wet, more wet, hilly and bumpy scenario.

After all one thing got a special place in my book of memories: a long and very steep valley with hundrends of waterfalls everywhere. The road was rough but at the same time an amazing engineering feat! This is the road that was built to link two countries, two different worlds that were divided by the himalayas!

My last day in Tibet...
The snow and the wind almost crushed one of our tents

A small village surrounded by farm fields and snowy mountains

Brown turns to green...

Does anyone see the stupa??

The valley of the waterfalls!

Getting into tropical weather

One of the beautiful roads I ever done :-)

Da Wa

A stranger in a strange land ;-) ...and his bike!

The driver

Zhangmu and Nepal...

Our last meal together...

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mariafa disse...

A foto da aldeia perdida naquele vale está magnifica, assim como a tua presença, que dá a sensação que és o guardião daquela paz! Como eu adorava viver, num lugar assim!